Need for Speed Shift 2.0.8

Fast-paced racing game that features superb graphics and cool sound effects

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    Android 4.3 / Android 3.1 / Android 4.2.1 / Android 3.0 / Android 4.1 / Android 4.1.1 / Android 2.0.1 / Android 2.1 / Android 3.2 / Android 2.2 / Android 2.0 / Android 4.0 / Android 2.3 / Android 4.1.2 / Android 4.2 / Android 3.3 / Android 4.2.2

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    6.9 (47)

Need for Speed Shift is a racing simulation game for the Android platform that is part of the popular Need for Speed series, and it is one of the better looking games in that set. The player controls a vehicle that is simply trying to finish races faster than three other cars, all of whom are controlled by the computer. The game is absolutely gorgeous for a mobile game, and it uses a first-person perspective from inside the car to give the player the most realistic driving experience possible.

There are two primary game modes in Need for Speed Shift, and they are Career Mode and Quick Race Mode. The Career Mode is the primary campaign for the game, and players will use that mode to win currency that will be used to buy new cars or upgrade existing cars. The player will be able to unlock a total of eight cars that are all representative of real-world vehicles. Each car can also be upgraded with numerous perks and expansions.

The Quick Race Mode is fun for those who want to play a fast race during a few minutes of down time. This mode allows the player to select from all eight unlockable vehicles, but they don't count toward the Career Mode victories and winnings. This is a great way to enjoy the fast-paced action of this racing game without having to worry about stats in the campaign.

The controls for this game are very intuitive and take no time at all to master. Your car accelerates on its own, so the player only has to control brakes, steering, and drifting. All the controls are given via the touchscreen interface, and they feel quite natural compared to most racing simulation games. The brake button is sensitive enough to give real feedback, and the steering is accomplished by simply tapping on the side of the screen where you want the car to turn. The drift button is exceptionally helpful when it comes to cutting corners without having to decelerate too much.

The clear standout features of this game are the graphics and sound effects. There aren't many other mobile games that have this level of detail or such smooth 3D graphics. This game looks as if it could belong on a console, and it rarely lags or slows for rendering purposes. Of course, the size of the game and its complex graphics means it uses a lot of system space and resources, but that is true for most large and detailed games.

Perhaps the only downside to the game is that it lacks and real multiplayer system. There is no way to play with friends or even strangers through any sort of matchmaking, but the game itself still has hours worth of entertainment for anyone who loves racing games.


  • Fun Gameplay
  • Three Difficulty Tiers
  • 20 Unique Controls
  • Excellent Sound Effects and Graphics


  • Requires Many System Resources

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